Jun 032012

As the source control system I use daily at work and in most of my home projects is GIT, and my favorite editor is VIM it was not far fetched that I wanted a easy way to use GIT from within VIM. After doing some searching and reading, I found this http://www.osnews.com/story/21556/Using_Git_with_Vim, which in turn points to https://github.com/amjith/git-vim.

Here is the information from the readme.rdoc file,


:GitAdd <file>
git-add <file> or current file if not specified.
:GitCommit <args>
Show git-status of current file or repository.
Show git-log of current file or repository.
:GitCheckout <args>
git-checkout. Completes git commits.
:GitDiff <args>
git-diff. Completes git commits.
:GitPull <args>
git-pull –rebase.
:GitPush <args>
git-push. Defaults to +git push origin <current-branch>+.
:GitCatFile <args>
:Git <args>
Does any git command.
Experimental. Call this command on unmerged file to enter vimdiff mode.
Call this command after merging.



:GitDiff –cached
:GitAdd <cfile>


In git-status buffer

:GitAdd <cfile>

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