Jan 292012

As my Dell laptop with Ubuntu 10.10 felt really slow the other day, I began to wonder what tools were available to monitor performance, except for the usual top and ps commands I already knew about.

This is a list of the result of my little search of these kind of tools (in no aspect to be regarded as complete).

top - The program provides a dynamic real-time view of a running system.
htop - interactive process viewer.
atop - AT Computing's System & Process Monitor.
iotop - simple top-like I/O monitor.
ps - report a snapshot of the current processes.
iostat - Report Central Processing Unit (CPU) statistics and input/output statistics for devices, partitions and network filesystems (NFS).
sar - Collect, report, or save system activity information.
nmon -systems administrator, tuner, benchmark tool.
lsof - ls of open files.
netstat - Print network connections, routing tables, interface statistics, masquerade connections, and multicast memberships.
ss - another utility to investigate sockets.
iptraf - Interactive Colorful IP LAN Monitor.
Nagios - Server And Network Monitoring.
strace - trace system calls and signals.
/proc - linux kernel info.
# cat /proc/cpuinfo
# cat /proc/meminfo
# cat /proc/zoneinfo
# cat /proc/mounts

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