Review – Home Automation with Arduino

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Nov 012014

This post is a review of a couple of eBooks I have received from Marco Schwartz, who runs the site over at Open Home Automation.

He has produced a series of books on the Open Source Home Automation theme. They are intended for anyone, from the complete beginner to the more experienced maker, who is interested in making a home automation system of their own.

I find the books very well structured, and easy to read and follow. Everything in the books are open source, and as such it is of course available on the internet. But these books do a very good job of putting it all together into a complete project structure.  They are very inspiring, and makes me want to start creating a project right away.

The complete series comprises:
* Introduction to Arduino
* Home Automation with Arduino
* Design Guide for Home Automation
* Internet of Things for Home Automation
* 3D Printing for Home Automation

Where the first book is for the complete beginner with breadboard projects. The rest of the books and  projects get more complex, but also more and more interresting.

You can find more info, and buy the books from here,