Raspberry Pi – Finally arrived

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Jun 282012

Found a parcel in the mail yesterday when I got home from work.
The first text I read was T-shirt, and I wondered what this was. I had not ordered any T-shirt.
But then I read the complete sentence, 'dev-kit and T-shirt'.
At last, my Raspberry Pi had arrived!

It was some time ago since I signed up as interested to get one, and I haven't thought much about it since.
But now I need to get the peripherals needed, keyboard, mouse, SD card.
With that all taken care of today after work, I downloaded the Debian squeeze distro and put it on the card.
Hooking up the board to the TV, it was just to add power and it booted up nicely.

Entering login and password without any problem, and I was all set. Starting gui with startx, and I got this nice desktop!

That's it. All set to go...

VIM with GIT

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Jun 032012

As the source control system I use daily at work and in most of my home projects is GIT, and my favorite editor is VIM it was not far fetched that I wanted a easy way to use GIT from within VIM. After doing some searching and reading, I found this http://www.osnews.com/story/21556/Using_Git_with_Vim, which in turn points to https://github.com/amjith/git-vim.

Here is the information from the readme.rdoc file,


:GitAdd <file>
git-add <file> or current file if not specified.
:GitCommit <args>
Show git-status of current file or repository.
Show git-log of current file or repository.
:GitCheckout <args>
git-checkout. Completes git commits.
:GitDiff <args>
git-diff. Completes git commits.
:GitPull <args>
git-pull –rebase.
:GitPush <args>
git-push. Defaults to +git push origin <current-branch>+.
:GitCatFile <args>
:Git <args>
Does any git command.
Experimental. Call this command on unmerged file to enter vimdiff mode.
Call this command after merging.



:GitDiff –cached
:GitAdd <cfile>


In git-status buffer

:GitAdd <cfile>